Markus Montola

I am a Helsinki-based game scholar and designer.

As a game designer, I currently focus on free-to-play mobile games at a Helsinki startup Reforged Studios. Previously, I’ve held design lead positions at Boomlagoon, Housemarque and Grey Area. I’ve worked on iOS titles such as the action collectible card game Spirit Hunter, location-based MMORPG Shadow Cities and map-based tank shooter Tank Legions.

As a games scholar, I worked from 2004 to 2010 at Nokia Research Center and University of Tampere Gamelab. My award-winning doctoral dissertation, On the Edge of the Magic Circle (2012) discusses role-playing and pervasive gaming and proposes a theoretical framework for studying ephemeral games.

I’m an author or an editor of Pervasive Games: Theory and Design (2009), Nordic Larp (2010), Playground Worlds (2008) and Beyond Role and Play (2004).


Cellphone: +358 44 544 2445